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Football Index Edge brings all of your Football Index data needs under one roof. Matchday and media scores, dividend winners and upcoming fixtures - everything.

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Everything you need to make more informed trading decisions on Football Index!


Dashboards are the best way to quickly compare players or get stats on a particular player of interest.

Members Dashboards

Data Tables

Our data tables allow you to view the latest data in a tabular format. You can also download the millions of data points to your spreadsheet so you can do your own Football Index analysis.

Members Data Tables
Table with all Football Index Dividend wins for all players.
Download Football Index data to excel icon.


Whilst you can download up to date data to your spreadsheet on any day we also send all our members a weekly spreadsheet with all the data tables combined.

Custom Graphs

The graphs on our dashboards are customisable so you can choose the chart type you like, for example you may prefer a bar chart to a scatter graph.

Regular Data Updates

Our price data is updated hourly and the matchday, media and dividend data daily.


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What People Say About Us

"Insane level of detail really well presented and easy to use, particularly loving the new FI Metric table and Potential positional changes. Any data geeks dream."

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Martin O'Regan

"With these latest developments, Index Edge is providing the level of detail and analysis needed to help traders trade profitably under Order Books. In a sometimes confusing and opaque trading landscape, their data provides clarity and transparency. I’m genuinely blown away with what they are offering now."

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Football Index Twitter Account

"Having used Football Index Edge for the past 2 years, I can say that it has increased my ability to analyse players and trade massively. Now with the new features and redesign, the site is more valuable and easier to use than ever."

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Football Index Youtube Content Creator
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