Fixture Planner

How Is it sorted?

The teams are sorted from those with the easiest run of fixtures to those with the most difficult. This combines both the difficulty of the teams faced over the period and the number of fixtures each team is due to play. You can also sort the table to show the teams who have the easiest fixture on a specific date or by average fixture difficulty (regardless of number of fixtures).

What do the numbers represent?

The numbers are a combination of the average Performance Buzz score players have obtained against that opposition and an adjustment made depending on whether the team is home or away on that game day. The higher the number the easier the fixture is!

How do i use the performance Buzz estimator?

You can use the Performance Buzz Estimator in 2 ways:

  1. Select a date (either on the calendar or by selecting a whole column of the table). This will show the estimated PB scores for all players for that date.

  2. Select a specific fixture. For example if you have identified a day on which Manchester City has an easy fixture you can select the number associated with that game. This will load all Man City estimated scores for that game.

What are the Advantages of using desktop to view this dashboard?

  1. Speed. This dashboard loads a lot faster on computers.

  2. Size of screen. This dashboard has been designed to convey a lot of information on a single screen. As a result it is much easier to view the whole dashboard on a computer.

  3. Hover functionality. The ability to be able hover to view more information allows you to interactively gain more information about all the coming fixtures. For example, hovering over the numbers allows you to view who the opponent is that day and whether the fixture is home or away.