Football Index Edge Update

Following Football Index’s recent announcement, we have decided to provide another update on our plans.

First of all, we want to thank you all again for your support and kind messages in what, for all of us involved, has been a terrible week.

We are now left hurting and feel deeply for everyone who shares our pain right now.

I've personally been chatting to many Football Index traders this week, and on a personal note, this has helped me in a time that could have been particularly lonely. Although, I am open to chat with anyone using my personal Twitter (@theindexclub) we have left some better resources below.

Unless, like us, you have lived through the last 12 months on Football Index, it is hard to understand how this has happened and why so many people stayed on Football Index for so long.

But, the reality is that we were promised things that could've improved Football Index drastically and these promises were not kept.

Fortunately, we have thousands of incredible people in this Football Index community who are all being brought together by @fi_action on Twitter. @fi_action will be co-ordinating between FI Traders so as customers we can work together in our collective interest.

Football Index Edge Memberships

Today we have made the difficult decision to cancel all Football Index Edge memberships.

Should there be a drastic change to the current situation we may review this but in all honestly we think that this is unlikely. We will be keeping the website open for the next 30 days for anyone that want to access or download the data up until then.

Monthly members who have made a payment to us since Football Index cut dividends on 5 March 2021 can fill in the refund request form below to receive a full refund.

Current annual members who have made a payment to us in the last 3 months can request a pro-rata refund by filling in the form below.

We are sorry that it has all ended this way but thank everyone who has supported us over the last three and a half years.


For anyone concerned about their mental health you can find a list of resources that may be of help here:

You can also call Samaritans for free at 116 123.

Similarly, if you want to speak to anyone about gambling issues you can do so here: