Statement from Football Index Edge

Following Friday’s events, we’ve put together an article to share our thoughts on Football Index’s announcement and let you know what our immediate plans are.

The first thing we have to say is thank you for all your messages of support, the kindness towards us from the Football Index community has blown us away at a time of so much hurt for everyone.

To get stuck into the announcement, it’s very hard for us to reconcile them saying they are reducing dividends because of sustaining substantial losses over recent months with numerous recent communications that said they were in a strong financial position.

As such, last week we had received clearance to publish a Football Index signup offer on our website which we decided to pull immediately following the Friday night announcement.

For those of you who want an idea of what returns will be like under the new dividend payouts, @BobsYourUncleFI has tweeted a few useful tables on this.

Of course, this dividend reduction is not the only thing we learnt this weekend that is relevant to how you now value players on Football Index.

Football Index’s seemingly weaker financial position and willingness to reduce dividends are other things to consider in our opinion.

Over the coming weeks, the picture will be clearer on what the future holds for us at Football Index Edge as we work out what we can best do to support the community.

However, we need to get out what we will be doing in the interim.

Firstly, over the last couple of days, we have noticed there are people who continue to use the stats on the website so we will be continuing to update our stats daily.

Secondly, we have removed the semi-annual and annual plans from our website to new members. There is now greater uncertainty over how long members will want content for so we feel uncomfortable taking upfront payments.

Furthermore, any current annual members who have made a payment to us in the last 3 months can request a pro-rata refund by filling in the form below.

Whilst it is always easy to cancel your membership on the website, there is clearly a spike in demand to do so at the moment so here’s a reminder in case there is anyone that wants to but can’t work out how:

  1. Click “Your account” in the top right of every page (if you are signed out you will have to log in).
  2. Then click “View or cancel plans”.
  3. From there you will be able to cancel your memberships.

Furthermore, amongst the turmoil of this weekend, there were no doubt members who no longer require our service but forgot to cancel their subscription.

Therefore, if you made a payment to us after the announcement on 5 March 2021 but no longer wish to use our services, fill in the above refund request form to receive a full refund.

We have also decided to suspend the release of our weekly spreadsheets.

In truth, the spreadsheet had been made redundant by the new data tables on the website anyway.

People can download up to date spreadsheets whenever they want now rather than once a week but this action has been taken to allow us to focus on what else we can do to support the community.

For anyone concerned about their mental health you can find a list of recourses that may be of help here:

You can also call Samaritans for free at 116 123.

Similarly, if you want to speak to anyone about gambling issues you can do so here: