Football Index Edge Referral Program

 Earn 20% Commission on the Lifetime Value of any Referrals


How it works

  1. Sign Up: You can create your own account by clicking HERE
  2. Customise Your Link: Upon registration you will be given your unique sign up link. You then have the option to create any additional customised sign up links you require.

  3. Share Your Link: Share your link to your friends, social media audience or wherever else you think there are traders who would benefit from our service.

  4. Analyse: Track your link clicks and conversions on your own dashboard.

  5. Get Paid: Earn 20% commission on any membership fees paid that month by customers you have referred. 


Why you should join

  1. Recurring Income: Once someone signs up using your link your work is done but the income doesn't stop coming! You will still get paid for every month/year they continue to stay with us. This equates to £1.30 per month for every monthly member or £12 a year for every customer on a yearly membership.
  2. Pathway to Free Lifetime Membership: Once there are 10 active paying members that you have referred, your Football Index Edge account will be upgraded to Free Full Access for life! This is in addition to any referral fees that you will receive from those members.
  3. Share Quality Content with your Audience: On our website we bring the very best data driven dashboards to traders. As a partner you can use the filters and take screenshots of the dashboards you think will provide value to your audience. This may be used to show the stats of the player you think will win Performance Buzz that day to your twitter audience or to illustrate player price graphs for a blog post you are writing.
  4. Customised Content on Demand: We have collected over 5 million Football Index related data points. This puts us in the best possible position to answer any stats related questions you may have. Feel free to ask us to make a customised graph or table and we will do our upmost to deliver for you.


Why your audience will love football index edge

The first thing it is worth letting your audience know is that there is a free 30-day trial that you are able to cancel at any time. We have found though that the vast majority of new members do decide to stay with us.

This poster gives a brief overview of most of the benefits that our members are entitled to:



Ideas For sharing your Referral Link

Social Media:

  • Tweet daily Performance Buzz predictions accompanied with a graphic on those players stats and your referral link.
  • Just picked up a player? Let your followers know why by tweeting a graphic of their Performance Buzz stats.
  • Someone in your group chat asking for Football Index stats? Let them know about our 30-day free trial!

Blog Posts:

  • This works best if you write an article to be posted on our free blog. You are able to edit your link such that it sends your audience directly to your blog post and will credit you with the sign up if they do so within the following 30-days.
  • On your own blog: Take screenshots of our dashboards to help supplement your article with relevant images. This is also gives you a great way to start monetising your free blog.


Small Print

A little bit more about the referral program.

  • Referral commissions are approved and paid on the 1st of every month.
  • Self referrals are forbidden. 
  • Abuse or gaming will lead to you having your account banned. This will be determined at our discretion.
  • If you referred a customer but for some reason they did't use your link (and therefore you won't be credited with their sign up), get in touch and we will try to help.
  • We reserve the right to change the terms of the Referral program at any time.
  • Cookies are used so that we can credit you with sign ups for up to 30 days after you refer each potential customer.


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