Performance Buzz Dividend Predictions 2018/2019


We have now completed our Performance Buzz simulations for the season ahead. However, one problem with only using historical data for these predictions is that it will always at least partially fail to take into account certain variables such as a change in manager. It is also important to take into account when purchasing players other traders opinions on who will do well, as this will likely have a large bearing on price changes over the next month or so. We decided to assemble 8 of the most experienced traders in the Football Index community, equipped them with a wealth of player data and asked them for their predictions on how much each player is going to earn in dividends across the season. We suggested a total of £60 for the total of all predictions. You can also find below some stats to help you make your own predictions.



Twitter: @_FIGuide

The man who needs no introduction! “The FIG” started trading in January 2016 and has made incredible profits ever since. Last year he started creating helpful YouTube videos that help both novice and experienced traders alike.  He also runs a weekly podcast where each episode he is joined by either an experienced trader, football expert or even someone from Football Index HQ.


Twitter: @footballindexsd

Runs one of the largest and most active Twitter accounts in the Football Index community. SOTD, a statistician by trade, also started trading in Jan 2016 and can now boast profits of over £85,000. On he brings his statistical expertise in running complex models and simulations and applies these techniques to the Football Stock market.


Twitter: @FootballIndexRC

Another person who made a Football Index Twitter account back in the days before it was a rite of passage for every new user. RC, widely regarded as one of the funniest and most helpful accounts in the FI community, announced a couple of months ago that he will be cutting back on the Index. However, a glance at his twitter page would suggest otherwise with him now tweeting more than ever!


Twitter: @sigaskell

One of 3 traders on the panel with a portfolio worth over £100,000! SG is renowned for his “all in” approach to trading when he spots the right opportunity on a player. However, he has decided that he wants to spread his portfolio for the start of the season and get ready to act on the players that shine from a Performance Buzz perspective early in the season.  


Twitter: @DyerMarzio

One of the largest Football Index traders on the platform and has been for as long as we can remember. Dominated the now defunct Trader of the Month Competition, so much so that Football Index had to create a new rule to stop him winning every month! Like every good trader is adaptable, with him now boasting a portfolio of talented youngsters but he’ll be quick to tell you he “knows what he’s looking for in PB players”.


Twitter: @BuzzingPaul

Joining in October 2017, Paul was the last of our experts to join Football Index. An accountant by day he was quick to bring his number-crunching prowess to the Football Index community. He now tweets daily Performance Buzz predictions, snippets of Performance Buzz data and recently posted an article on our Blog.


Twitter: @FootballIndexAS

AS started trading in May 2017 and almost immediately established himself as one of the mainstays of the Football Index community. That summer AS provided traders with their first real taste of player data ahead of the launch of Performance Buzz. Renowned for his excel skills you can now find him tweeting about Performance Buzz dividend returns as well as informing you on which players are due to be IPO’d the following day.  


Twitter: FootballindexLM

Another trader who has been creating Football Index content for as long as I can remember. His twitter feed is filled with stats, polls and insights from one of the most experienced members of the Football Index community. He writes regular blogs for Football Index, 90MAAT and has recently started a Football Index newsletter together with @footyindexLDN and @_FIGuide.



These results show the average dividend across the predictions. Hover to view each traders prediction.


These results take the highest prediction across the trader's estimates. Hover to view each traders prediction.


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