15/11 IPOs and Player in Focus: Messi

IPO Checklist

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Unfortunately, today’s IPO list is nowhere near as exciting as yesterday. Nonetheless, I think there are 3 players worth commenting on but as always, it’s down to you to reach your own judgement on them.

Simone Zaza, Valencia, £0.80

Possibly the hardest player to appraise as a result of his stats last season being terrible for Performance Buzz but this season his stats have been great as a result of him scoring 9 goals in 11 league games so far.

Raphael Guerreiro, Borrussia Dortmund, £0.60

Whoever nails down the left back spot for Dortmund will have great stats as a result of their passing out the back. Faces strong competition from Schmelzer and Zagadou but hard to know where he features in the pecking order as he has only recently returned from injury.

Patrick Crutone, AC Milan, £0.50

May be one for the long-term traders. The 19-year-old has already played in 11 games this season and recently scored a game winning goal in AC Milan’s Europa League win over Rijeka. A forward playing in the Europa League and Serie A is a great combination for minimising PB competition so whilst his PB scores will likely be inconsistent he may be able to nick the occasional Performance Buzz.

Player in Focus: Messi- Performance Buzz Stats

Average Score: 167.1

Median Score: 126

Highest Score: 316

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 23.11.49.png

Home vs Away

Home Average Score: 199.1

Away Average Score: 130.6


This chart shows Messi’s score for each game. We have received lots of queries about how much players scores vary if you exclude goals, game-winning goals, wins and losses. In our player in focus series, we will illustrate this by showing their scores excluding these variables in the orange bar alongside their PB scores.


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We hope you found these stats useful and if you have any suggestions as to which player to include in our Player in Focus feature next week please get in touch.

Good luck trading today,