17/11 IPOs & November Simulation Methodology

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Return of 2 Previous PB Winners

Former PB winners Nathan Ake and Chris "Don't let Marcelo be promoted" Wood return to the Index today. That is the only mildly interesting thing we could find to say about today's list. So without wasting any more time, we will get into telling you about the November Performance Buzz simulation we have been working on.

17/11-30/11 Performance Buzz Simulation Methodology


To estimate the PB winners for the rest of November.


·  Collected data on all PB scores so far this season.

·  For players with 5 or more scores, we calculated each player’s average score and variability (standard deviation).

·  For players with less than 5 scores, we have estimated using a collection of data from various sources and applied a position adjustment calculated from our PB database.

·  Compiled the remaining fixtures in November.

·  Simulated each game day 100 times and recorded the results of the PB winner in each position each time.

·  Noted total dividends and wins for each player in November and ranked them for each position.


Results times will be announced on our Twitter page later today. We recommend turning on mobile notifications for our tweets to ensure not missing the announcement.

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