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Summary of yesterdays IPOs and what we can learn

We have collected data on yesterdays 49?! IPOs and identified a clear trend that simply cheap players are bought and expensive ones aren't! The 49 new players entered the market at a total of £49.75 and settled (prices recorded at midnight) at a total of £54.24. This can be translated to a total increase of 9.03%. However, this really doesn't tell the full story as the cheaper players increased by a far greater percentage. Please see the table below for the average percentage increases by IPO price.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 01.27.44.png


Our 5 Picks for Today

We also saw yesterday how when a player with outstanding stats such as Meunier gets promoted they can absolutely fly! With that in mind, we have picked 5 players to have a look at their stats so far this season:

IPO Stats Key:

League games played: x/y (x games played/ y their team's league games this season)
90 Minute League games: x/y (x games played 90 minutes/ y their team's league games this season)
Estimated Average Score: taken using player and team average stats this season for all but 2 of the variables. Corners won we use the typical amount for their position taken from a sample. Ball recoveries we use their average over a period of a year. As it will give a better average, in the long run, we have awarded game-winning goals as 1 in every 4 goals i.e. every goal is worth 50 points.
Estimated Highest Score this season: we do this by measuring their stats for the game we believe will be their highest score based on goals in that game, the players whoscored/ squawka rating etc.

Kalidou Koulibaly, Napoli, IPO 50p

League games played: 10/11 (10 out of Napoli's 11 Games this season)
90 Minute League games: 10/11
Estimated Average Score: 118.1
Estimated Highest Score this season: 223 vs Cagliari

Lars Stindl, Borrusia Monchengladbach, IPO 50p

League games played: 10/10
90 Minute League games: 8/10 (893/900 mins)
Estimated Average Score: 66.7
Estimated Highest Score this season: 167 vs Werder Bremen

Fernandinho, Manchester City, IPO 50p

League games played: 10/10
90 Minute League games: 8/10 (871/900 mins)
Estimated Average Score: 129.6
Estimated Highest Score this season: 192 vs West Brom

Kamil Glik, AS Monaco, IPO 50p

League games played: 11/11
90 Minute League games: 11/11
Estimated Average Score: 89.9
Estimated Highest Score this season: 129 vs Toulouse

Daniele Rugani, Juventus, IPO 60p

League games played: 8/11
90 Minute League games: 8/11
Estimated Average Score: 94.7
Estimated Highest Score this season: 145 vs Udinese


Expect a lot more activity on the IPOs today with better players being introduced at lower prices. We recommend baring in mind the results of each position in our simulation that we talk about in our blog when considering whether to flip or hold these players. On a side note Milner was one of the top performing Defenders (if that is what he gets categorised as) in our simulation, however, we simply cannot justify that price!

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