IPO Checklist

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Another day of Promos that have us scratching our heads. There's been a bit of hype surrounding Anderson Talisca but with him playing outside the top 5 leagues he offers very few opportunities to offer a return for investors. For those who adopt a strategy of hoarding Forwards, Michael Gregoritsch has scored 5 Bundesliga goals this season and will be released at 50p. He usually plays as more of an attacking midfielder so will get involved in play more than most Forwards. We by no means expect him to be one of the top PB forwards but may represent a low-risk investment for long-term holders and those willing to wait for when Augsburg have a low competition gameday.

Tomorrow's Analysis

Tomorrow's analysis will be focused on the players who have achieved the best ROI over the last month. This takes into account each player's dividends over the period as well as their price appreciation. 


We have received loads of great feedback over the last week and have been working on a number of new features on our site. We look forward to sharing them with you over the next few days and we hope you find them all helpful. If you have any more feedback please get in touch!

Good luck trading today!