Black Friday Special!

Black Friday Screenshot Special!

In order to celebrate the amazing support, you have all given us since we launched, today we will be running a competition and giving away one month's free membership to one of you. The competition will also provide you with an opportunity to share stats on some of your favourite players with a large Twitter audience. 

The rules:

  • Screenshot stats of one of your favourite players from one of the graphs on (e.g. price graph, PB Database etc.)
  • Tweet the screenshot and tag @footballindexed & a link to
  • We will retweet all appropriate entries across our social media accounts.
  • For each like or retweet, your tweet recieves we will give you one entry into the draw for free membership.
  • The winner will be announced over the weekend.
  • Maximum of 8 tweets per Premium Member.
  • We reserve the right to disallow a tweet for any reason & no cash prize will be offered as an alternative.


IPO Checklist

2411 IPO.jpg


Due to the vast number of tips we have for you today we have highlighted the best value players on the checklist so you can search for them first when a player gets promoted. Whilst we have overlooked a lot of the 20/25p players today that doesn't mean necessarily that we believe there won't be a chance to turn a profit on them. We showed in a previous article how on the 1st day of IPO's the cheapest player's had the greatest % increase (see table below). Our advice would be to monitor the cheapest players in the morning to see the likely market reaction for the cheaper players in the afternoon.

November 1st IPO average % increase by IPO price

November 1st IPO average % increase by IPO price

Today's ROI Analysis

Our analysis of the players who have provided the best % return on investment over the last month will be added to the member's blog at 7 pm today. This will help shed some light on the debate on the best investment strategies.

Good luck today and get tweeting!