15/12 IPOs & ROI Analysis Details

IPO Checklist

1512 IPO.jpg


Dimitri Oberlin, Joe Gomez and Paco Alcacer. Dimitri Oberlin is one for traders who want a punt on a player who may get a move to a big club in the future. The youngster reportedly has previously turned down Manchester United and has been linked to them again as well as Real Madrid and Juventus this season. Trent Alexander-Aarnold is currently 77p and this gives an indication of Joe Gomez's value, it is up to you which player you think has more value. For Paco Alcacer we are going to give our usual line of a Forward at close to IPO price may be a low-risk investment in a player who may win 1 or 2 Performance Buzz wins across the season. He is also young enough that if he isn't starting regularly at the end of the season he will likely be linked to Premier League sides next summer.

ROI Analysis Details

It has now been 4 weeks since we last did an analysis of each player's return on investment. We have calculated each player's ROI% (capital appreciation and dividends) since 19/11. We have also taken this analysis 1 step further by looking at the different characteristics of the players and note the trends of the players with the highest returns. We believe this analysis will be useful for those constructing their portfolios and identifying the type of players likely to have the highest returns over the next month.

Our findings will be added to the Member's Blog at 6 PM today.