Return on Investment Analysis 19/11/17 to 14/12/17

We have assessed ROI in the last 4 weeks on a per player basis. We took the buy price of each player on the 19/11 and 14/12, added dividends during this period and derived ROI. Note profit could have been further maximised by selling players at their peak during this period. We have then used this data to create a number of informative graphs.

Return on Investment by Player

This shows every player's return on investment assuming you bought on 19/11 and still hold. Hover over the ROI figure for more information. 

Return on Investment by Position

The graphic shows positive average ROI on all positions with the average across all of them is 3.38% for the 4 week period. Despite significant price drops for Messi and Zlatan, forwards still have averaged the highest returns at just over 4%. It is also encouraging to see that 25% of forwards have returned over 5.69% for the period.

Return on Investment by Performance Buzz Average

This graph shows that to a 99% level of significance players with the highest PB average tend to have the best returns on the Index. This underlines the value of using our Performance Buzz average graphs. You can also use this graph to hover over the players with a good PB average who have dipped this month as you look for players who may currently be undervalued. Use the filters to see how the returns box plot alters under certain conditions.

Return on Investment by Price

This graph shows a slight negative relationship between price and ROI over the last 4 weeks. This, however, doesn't show enough evidence for us to be able to conclude to a level of confidence that this relationship exists. The previous month showed higher returns for more expensive players and we will be monitoring this in future months to see if over time a pattern emerges.

Dividends vs Capital Appreciation

It has long been established that players who earn dividends also benefit from an increase in price. Whilst this won't come as a surprise to anyone we have never seen anyone try to quantify this relationship. So we thought we'd conclude this analysis with doing exactly that. We found that for this 4 week period we can say with a 99% level of certainty that this relationship exists. We have found that the trend is that for that for every 1p in dividends a player earns their price appreciates by 1.31p. This is even greater for midfielders (1.56p) and forwards (1.33p) and still large for Goalkeepers and Defenders (0.7p). This underlines the importance of buying players likely to win dividends.