18/12 IPOs & Dividend Form

IPO Checklist

1812 ipo.jpg


The hype surrounding Angel Gomes should see him rise like a poor mans Phil Foden upon release and represents a great flipping opportunity. Reine-Adelaide should see a relatively modest rise as we have seen with other Arsenal youngsters. Subotic has struggled for game time this season and is worth keeping an eye on in case he starts to get a run of games. 

Dividend Form

We have taken two time periods, the last month (16/11-16/12) and the month prior to this period (16/10-15/11). We then summed all media and performance dividends for the two time periods and present all players who achieved at least 10p in the earlier time period. The aim of this is to investigate and pinpoint players who dividends are dwindling, consistent and on the rise.

As you can see below Neymar and Ronaldo have had a brilliant 2 months and have gone from strength to strength. Whilst Kane and Messi haven’t returned dividends in the last 30 days. Is it time Ronaldo pushed on towards the price of these 2? Similar could be said of Eden Hazard and Mo Salah. Other notes are that Daniel Parejo and Romelu Lukaku have produced consistent PB and MB results respectively. The only other players to achieve dividends in both periods are Giroud, Coutinho and Alves. 

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Good luck trading today!