19/12 IPOs & Distribution of Goalkeeper and Defender Scores

IPO Checklist




Best promotion day since the switch to 10 players a day in terms of options. Mariano is the best PB promotion of the lot and will likely be seen as a cheaper alternative to Depay and Fekir for many traders. Also, expect to see decent rises on the youngsters at the big English clubs. Gerson, Guedes and Cancelo are all worth keeping an eye on for when they start to play 90 minutes regularly.

Goalkeeper vs Centre Backs vs Full Backs

Whilst we have known for a while that Goalkeepers don't tend to challenge defenders for the defensive PB payout, the Centre Back vs Full Back debate has yet to be settled. We have collated all PB scores from 01/11-17/12 and the distribution by position type can be found below. We found no clear winner on this performance metric and we will be keeping an eye on these stats as time goes on.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 03.05.22.png

Good luck trading today!