22/12 IPOs

IPO Checklist


2212 IPOs.jpg


Noone who is likely to regularly challenge for Performance Buzz but a few youngsters to consider. Carles Alena, Yann Karamoh and Sam Field are all worth considering and Denayer is likely to rise as any 30p player people have heard of does.

Marcelo & Kimmich Defenders?

I'm sure many of you noticed that the 2 Fullbacks have now been listed as defenders on the app. We will be releasing later today an article on how these 2 players would have got on had they been listed as defenders all along and how they are likely to do over the rest of the season.

Football Index Edge Price Model

Over the last few months, we have been collecting data on a number of variables for each player on the Index. With there being no IPOs next week it gives us an opportunity to turn our focus to finalising the model and delivering you the results. The price model will include age, PB scores, MB scores, dividends, goals and more! This model will serve 2 main purposes: seeing which of these variables are most important in driving prices and potentially identifying undervalued players whose statistically should be priced higher relative to other players. It will also inform us if there is any rationality at all in the Football Index Prices! We hope you will find this useful and quench your stats thirst in the absence of IPOs.

Good luck trading today!