Kimmich and Marcelo Defenders?

With Kimmich and Marcelo now listed as defenders on the app we take a look at as to how they compare to other defenders on the index and the advantage of being registered as a defender has over being a midfielder.

Kimmich & Marcelo Average Scores

Marcelo we believe has already been picking up a clean sheet bonus, however, we are not 100% sure but for this analysis average score remains at: 121.6.

Kimmich has had an average score so far of 114.3. This rises to 121.1 when clean sheet bonuses have been added. It is worth noting that it includes 2 games in which he came on late as a substitute. 

Updated Winning Score Analysis: Defender vs Midfielder

So are they going to win Performance Buzz wins?

We have found that players performance buzz scores are roughly normally distributed around the players mean score. We have then taken Marcelo's and Kimmich's average scores and the variability of their scores to estimate the % of times they will score above the median winning score for a defender performance score (188).

Based on Kimmich's PB scores so far we expect him to score above 188, approximately 7% of the time. This figure will likely be higher as he is yet to score since being promoted to the Index and had a good goalscoring record last season for a defender. Feel free to ask the new estimation when he does as his average and score variability will likely rise.

Due to the greater variability in Marcelo's scores so far we estimate he will score above 188, 14% of the time.

We recommend also checking how they compare to other defenders on our PB Average/ Price Graph.