Price Model Results


The first comment we'd like to say is the results you see below are NOT prices we think players ought to be they are simply the estimated prices based on the variables for each player. For each player that appears underpriced, we recommend considering why. For example, for Rooney, he has been showing up as good value on a dividend return basis for a while but trader sentiment is generally that he is 'past it' so won't buy. It may, however, identify players for you to do further research into and help identify those that are truly underpriced relative to the market.

It is also important to note that the prices used were on the 28/12 when we were conducting our data collection. Therefore the model is based on the prices then so will reflect the state of the market as we head towards the transfer window. If we were to repeat the model in February, for example, it will likely give less of a price boost to players who are transfer linked.

If you haven't yet read the article about the model and the key variables we suggest reading it on the Football Index blog.

Player Results

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