Brahim Diaz IPO: Buy? Flip or Hold?


The main player being IPO'd today is Brahim Diaz (70p) and he will be the focus of today's article. It is also worth noting that Mohamed Elyounoussi (40p) has been linked with Premier League clubs (especially Crystal Palace).

Buy and up to what price?

Brahim Diaz is seemingly in the category of a highly rated youngster at a big Premier League that is unlikely to get much first team game time in the near future. Whilst he wasn't a hit last time he was on the Index there seems to have since been a shift towards holding promising youngsters for the long term. To decide whether to buy and if so at what price we have looked at some of the other promising youngsters who have recently been released on the Index.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 02.53.58.png

Clearly, there is an opportunity to profit if you are able to get in quick. When to sell is the harder question...

Flip or Hold?

Below is the price graph of the 4 players mentioned above since they were released on the Index. You can see that it can go either way but the overall trend is slightly positive. Personally, think flipping to reinvest in players likely to yield a higher return is the best strategy but of course, there is more than one way to profit! Weird that he was relegated from the Index 3 months ago costing less than 40p but will likely be over £1 this evening but the Index is a crazy place!

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 03.31.13.png

This Week

Make sure to read tomorrows article in which will be introducing the comprehensive analysis we will be releasing Friday.

Good luck trading today!