Youngster IPOs & Winning Score Analysis


All Youngsters being promoted today so it is harder to make a stats based investment decision on them. Houssem Aouar (70p) and Amine Harit (60p) are the players getting the most game time and likely to challenge for a Performance Buzz this season, hence, their higher IPO price. However, it is still likely that neither player will pick up a dividend this season. Harry Wilson (40p) has been the most talked about in the media and has been tipped to make a loan move to Preston North End this month. He is also rumoured to be stalling on signing a new contract at Liverpool so it may be worth keeping an eye out for how that situation develops.

It has been an interesting split between traders whether or not to buy youngsters in the hope they one day become stars. Seeing 10 get promoted today has encouraged us to do some more research into whether or not they offer comparable returns to older players. In our next monthly ROI analysis, we will also look at whether age is linked to returns on the index.

Winning Score Analysis

Now there have been more gamedays since our last winning score analysis and the amount of available data has increased we can now break our analysis down to single/double/triple gamedays. We will be adding to our blog a more comprehensive article on our blog later today. Tomorrow we will be adding an analysis of the estimated probability of each player scoring over the key benchmarks based on their scores so far this season. We believe this will provide the best indicator of which players are likely to score over the typical winning scores which is really the key metric in deciding between Performance Buzz players.


Winning PB Scores by Position and Gameday Type 01/11/17-01/01/18

Winning PB Scores by Position and Gameday Type 01/11/17-01/01/18

Good luck today and make sure to check out the winning score article later today!