Todays IPOs and Full Winning Score Analysis

Today's IPOs

Rodrigo Battaglia (30p) joins the Index between 8-10 AM today and has been linked to both West Brom and West Ham recently. Of the other reasonably priced players Thiago Maia (40p) is the pick of the bunch and the highly rated 20-year-old has been getting plenty of first-team football this year. Davide Santon (40p) is perhaps very slightly underpriced and Adama Traore (£1) is worth keeping eye on if he can break into the Monaco team.

Winning Score Analysis

Winning Scores by Position (01/11/17-01/01/18)

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 04.47.53.png

Winning Scores by Position and Gameday Type (01/11/17-01/01/18)

WS Analysis.jpg

Winning Scores by Games Played that Gameday (01/11/17-01/01/18)

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 05.05.05.png

Whilst the relationship between games on a given gameday and the winning PB score is obvious it is interesting to see how this relationship is most significant for Forwards due to the greater variability in their scores. This stresses the importance for your forwards to be capable of scoring high peak scores to challenge to win a Performance Buzz on a weekend. It also may mean if you are buying forwards with a high base score and low variance they will have a good chance of competing on a low competition gameday.

Who Scores over these Winning Scores

Identifying the typical winning scores was the first part of the analysis. We will be releasing tomorrow at 6:30 PM an analysis of the probability of each player scoring over some of these key benchmarks for their position based on their scores so far. We will then be releasing a limited summary to the Non-Members over the weekend with some of the best performers.