Friday Promotions & Updated Graphs

Today's IPOs

  • Donny van de Beek (40p): Bit of hype around his IPO because of some tentative Spurs links a few weeks ago. Personally unconvinced about the merits of holding him but the hype should offer a good flip opportunity for some of you.
  • Declan Rice (40p): Played well last night and turned lots of heads. Potentially one for the youngster holders or the flippers.
  • Adalberto Penaranda (50p): Highly rated by many but yet to score this season. Could go either way.

Updated Graphs

We have updated all our graphs, make sure to get on the website, have a play with the filters and find some value!

Winning Score Analysis Part 2 Reminder

Reminder that we will be releasing the analysis of the players who have scored the high scores that are typically needed to a win a performance buzz on our Blog at 6:30 PM today. Set your alarms now!

Good luck today!