Updated Peak Scores 19/08/17-12/02/18

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Why is this important?

Ultimately the most important statistic when it comes to evaluating which players are likely to win Performance Buzz frequently is the number of times that each player has scored around and above the score typically required to win Performance Buzz.

Which Benchmarks have you used?

We have used the median scores to win Performance Buzz for each position as the default benchmark in each graph (187 for defenders, 206 for midfielders and 185 for forwards). However, we have left the filters there for you to experiment with if you'd like to see how many times each player has scored over a different benchmark. 


What did you view this article on?

Desktop-on the Blog: Full functionality including setting the benchmark and hovering over each player to view the distribution of all their scores.

Mobile Blog: Set the benchmark by using the filter.

Email: View the images to see which players who have scored over the preset benchmarks.