The Last 12 Months on Football Index: Price Rises, Dividends and ROI%

It is now over a year since we started recording price, dividend and Performance data on the Football Index platform. The last 12 months have been an incredible growth period for the platform and this has been reflected in player's prices. We have combined the price changes with the dividends over the period to find each player's ROI over the period. We have then studied the data to try and find any useful trends in identifying player's that have been the best investments over the last year. For this article, we have only looked at the 200 players who were tradable on 26/08/17.

ROI by Player

Unsurprisingly Mohamed Salah leads the way after his sensational debut season for Liverpool, subsequently rising from £1.91 at the start of the period to £10.28 now, whilst picking up £3.64 in dividends along the way. Memphis Depay follows in second place with an astonishing ROI of 561%, thus showing the incredible profits that are possible if you are able to pick out a "PB gem". On the flip side, Zlatan and Rooney would have been the worst investments for the last 12 months after the ageing pair decided to head to the MLS.

ROI Box Plots

The box plots allow you to see the distribution of returns across the period. The overall average ROI of 96% and median of 73% show the incredible returns that have been possible on Football Index this year. The by position box plot shows similar average returns across the positions ranging from 90% to 99%. It is comforting to see the top 5 clubs in terms of ROI consists of Champions League finalists and league winners. 

ROI by PB Average

The graph below shows the strong correlation between PB averages and ROI%. We hope that those who spent hours studying our PB average graphs have been richly rewarded!

ROI by Price

We were unable to find a statistically significant correlation between ROI% and player's prices at the start of the period. This suggests that traders should look for opportunities across the market and not limit themselves to players in a certain price bracket.

Price change vs Dividends

Traders often speak about targeting dividends or capital appreciation as if they are somehow mutually exclusive. The graph below shows the opposite is the case with player's typically rising by an extra 1.72p in price for every 1p in dividends they earned across the period.