Football Index Share Split Mechanics Scenario Planning

What is Happening?

This evening at 7 PM Football Index will be announcing the mechanics of the share split that will be taking place on Football Index in 8 days. This will include the number that they will be dividing player prices by (and the number they will be multiplying the shares that you own in each player in your portfolio by). There is growing speculation that this will also include a dividend increase so we thought we’d put together an article so you prepared for as many potential scenarios which may occur at 7 PM. Please note Football Index is also suspending the market at 7 PM for half an hour so you will have a chance to revisit the article then.

Scenario 1: A Rise in Matchday Dividends

On our website, we have loads of dashboards that can be used to help identify the best players for matchday dividends. Below is the Master Stats Table, but the Peak Score and Price vs Matchday Average Score Dashboards are also worth checking out if this happens. Once you have a player in mind the Player Dashboard is our most in-depth tool for analysing specific players.

Scenario 2: A Rise in Media Dividends

Media Score Analysis is the dashboard for conducting analysis on historic player media scores on Football Index. Select a player on the Media Scores by Day and Media Stats Table to activate the player media score analysis graph.

What are Expected Media Dividends?

Expected Media Dividends are an estimate of how much each player has won in dividends based on all their historic media scores in the filtered date range. For example, if a player obtains a media score of 700 on a given day their expected media dividend return would be 2p for that date as that is approximately the average return from a score of that size. We do this to help clean the data and help you to assess which players have been lucky/unlucky in the media dividends they have received in the filtered date range you select.

Scenario 3: Media Dividends Opened up to the Squad

This is a scenario we have to admit there is limited data available on. However, you can use the price filter on the Media Analysis dashboard above to see which player’s who aren’t currently in the top 200 have historically received media points. It is then just a matter of whether you think they still have or potentially will in the future some media attention.

Scenario 4: An Increase to Goal and Assist Dividends

Below is a new goal and assists dashboard. It also includes each player’s expected goals (xG) and assists (xA). This is the number of goals that you’d expect them to have for the chances and passes they have had/made in games. It is usually a more accurate predictor of future goals and assists than historic goals and assists.

Please note we have excluded some player’s who have fewer than 5 goals or assists.


The announcement will likely be a combination of the scenarios above. so be sure to study any of the dashboards that you think are relevant to the announcement!

Good luck!


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