Performance Buzz Estimator

About the Model

We have mined through the thousands of scores from last year and built a model to estimate every player's expected score for each upcoming match day. The predictions take into consideration a players average, the opposition as well as whether the game will be played home or away. It is worth noting that players who are yet to play a PB game are excluded and will be added when they do so (although as a default setting we filter for a minimum of 10 games). The model will be tweaked as the season progresses and we will be adding additional features to the dashboard. Fixtures are subject to change and will be updated weekly. The idea for this graph is for it to be used as a first point of call when looking for players for specific match days. Once you identify players we suggest doing further research as injuries, suspensions and likely selection is not taken into account by this dashboard. 

How to use

First select which upcoming match day you would like estimates for using the date filter. The results will show each players expected score, price at the last update and the standard deviation of their scores. Standard deviation is how much their scores vary, those with larger standard deviations will have less reliable estimates and could score a lot higher or lower than their estimates. Of course PB scores will always vary a lot but we hope this still be a useful tool in trying to predict potential winners.

The estimates